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Discover and own stocks
with as little as $10

Turn everyday thoughts and
ideas into real investments.

Divy's search technology allows you to uncover investment ideas. Use the knowledge you have from the world around you to explore the brands you know and discover the companies you don't. With Divy, there's an intelligent investor in all of us.

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Everyone deserves access to investing.

That's why we offer the ability to buy any stock offered on Divy, in fractional shares, with as little as $10 – and do it with commissions as low as 10 cents. Share price is irrelevant on Divy.

Invest on your terms and
diversify without compromise.

Divy levels the playing field. With companies like Amazon and Chipotle at your fingertips, buy what you want and allocate with confidence. Build a diversified portfolio to reduce single-stock risk.

We believe investing matters.

Our Mission:

Divy will enable a generation of first-time investors and savers, providing a foundation of financial literacy and social responsibility.

Financial Literacy

We believe long-term financial security starts with financial literacy. We believe smart investing is the first step toward long-term saving. We are committed to providing access to the tools and resources necessary to assure you have the opportunity to be a more informed investor every step towards your planned future of financial security.

Social Responsibiity

The Divy team recognizes that Divy, like all companies, has a larger place in our community and in the world. We are committed to participating in our community and to being good citizens. This commitment is both local and global. As we grow, we intend to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

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